Enterprise Automation Suite: EAS

An end to end process automation suite for the manufacturing domain. Created in close association with a manufacturing company, offering unparalleled flexibility. Covering the entire flow from a sales enquiry to material dispatch, inventory planning and machine level production planning, it offers you something more than what the standard ERP would offer.

Features of Enterprise Automation Suite

Business Process Coverage of EAS

  • Sales Process: Enquiry, follow-ups, Quotations, Order Acceptance, Sales visit tracking, sales dashboards & Reports, invoicing and payment tracking

  • Customer Service Process: Customer service request logging, assignment, tracking and reporting

  • Inventory and Purchase Management Process: Material requisition, purchase, inward material entry, QC, Goods receipt note, goods rejection, material issue

  • Production Planning and Entry Process: Job card, detailed production planning, interlinking with material availability, actual production entry, QC, packing list & Dispatch details

  • Masters: Product, material, client, supplier, user, process, machine along with relevant mappings

  • Bill of Material: Multiple levels of bill of material and costing for products (material and labour). Costing & Bill of materials at quotation, production planning and actual production stage to track actual material usage and profitability of business

  • Document Management, Collaboration and Task Management: Central, searchable document repository, a discussion forum based collaboration platform and task tracking across departments and employees

  • Reporting and Dashboards: Centralized, real-time as well as summary reports and dashboards with filters

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