Inventory Management System: IMS

Our Inventory Management system is the most comprehensive system, which will give users real time control over the cost, quantities and locations of inventory with triggers and alerts, so that one of the most critical and cost consuming component of the business: “Inventory” is taken care of. Add to this our feature of close integration of this software with our automated storage solution for inventory, and you have all you need to automate the inventory process.

Inventory Management System

  • Gives the user full control of the storage and retrieval process for material inventory through a single and simple browser based interface

  • Provision for tracking inventory from suppliers, for clients as well from production line

  • Track raw material, in process and finished product inventory and storage

  • Generation of documents related to inward, movement and dispatch of inventory

  • Intelligence built in to guide the user to the correct available location for  storage, based on product dimensions and available space

  • Triggers for various parameters such as dispatch date, expiry date and several others

  • Available API’s, being open source and open architecture based system, to ensure ease of integration with various protocols and third party systems and Databases

  • Facility to integrate with a bar code based or RFID based tagging application and other existing client applications

  • Uses web technologies, can be accessed over a network or the internet through any device


  • Full inventory report

  • Category-wise and code wise or material name wise real time inventory view

  • Customer wise, vendor wise and user wise inventory reports

  • Complete transaction log report of inventory storage and retrieval along with user details and time stamp.

  • Location wise inventory report

  • Date wise check-in, check-out view of inventory

  • Report on shelf life or expiry of materials

  • Cost of inventory report

  • Re-order level wise inventory report

  • Planned dispatch report

  • Customer/consumer wise report mapping materials to destinations and date of delivery or dispatch

  • All reports will be in listing as well as dashboard/graphical formats wherever required with further drill down facility

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