Mobile Compactors

The basic idea here is to eliminate the floor space requirement between two fixed racks and utilise this space to accommodate more racks. Here the racks are mounted on the guiding tracks which allow forward and backward movement. This type of arrangement requires only one aisle for access and storage and retrieval of material.

Tech-Mark™ offers you the ultimate mobile storage system with the latest ‘Easy Glide’ technology for a noise-free, effortless and smooth operation for years together. The system offers the security of stored material and proves to be very cost effective. This system requires lesser space than conventional racking systems/cupboards. It can save up to 60% of floor space compared to conventional static shelving or can increase the storage capacity by almost 100%. The system glides on steel tracks and consists of mobile base units onto which different shelving options can be assembled. When a particular rack is required, the appropriate aisle is opened up by mechanical or electrically driven bases. Only one aisle is required to service multiple racks.

Models / Configurations

Tech-Mark™ offers three types of Mobile Rack Storage Systems.

Push-pull type

This is normally used for storing light weight material (weight up to 900 kg per rack). This is operated manually (similar to manual sliding door) and does not have a drive mechanism. Yet, this arrangement proves to offer great economy by saving in the floor space and other benefits such as safety of material, systematic storage and so on.

Drive type

This system is normally designed for medium to heavy duty applications (up to 1MT to 3 MT per rack). In this system, a chain and sprocket assembly (non-motorized) is used for driving individual racks. The system has a position locking facility to ensure the safety of the operator at the time of loading/unloading operations. Each rack has a separate driving handle for backward and forward movement.

Electric drive type

The system is designed for heavy loads (3MT to 5MT). This type of system uses a single motor to drive all the racks which are mounted on guiding tracks. Being electrically driven, manual efforts to drive individual racks are made redundant. To drive the system, one has to simply push a button to set the racks into motion.

Constructional Features

  • Sturdy and precision-fabricated racks using high quality material
  • Precisely engineered guide rails, gears, sprockets and chains for smooth, jerk-free movement and low noise or vibrations
  • Sealed bearings with lifetime lubrication
  • Sheet metal cladding, ensuring protection from dust, damage or theft
  • Position locking of racks during usage to ensure operator safety
  • Complete system can be locked to prevent unauthorised access

  • System requires minimal maintenance


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