Record Management System: RMS

Records, in the form of data or documents or both are the most important asset in today’s world. Our records management solution is the ideal bridge between the physical record and its “soft version” to ensure both are always in sync

Record Management System for Automated Storage

  • Document Management System for Storage System

  • Retrieval and storage of documents at a single click

  • Communication with the machine to automate the entire process of  storage, search and retrieval of documents

  • Facility to define document indexing and tagging details

  • Functionality to have soft copy or hard copy or both in the system

  • Feature to define various levels of storage in the master module so that new physical storage can be added and integrated with the system

  • Various reports on storage, retrieval including a complete log of file  handling along with user name, time and multiple such instances

  • Easy search and sharing of documents

  • Role based access to documents

  • Definition and mapping of documents to departments and document types aides in easier search

  • Colour coding functionality to match with the physical packing of documents in cloth

  • Upload of multiple documents at a single time possible, making work faster

  • Facility to view document online, download documents, based on user defined roles and controls

  • Optional interface with bar code based systems, CCTV systems and other client specific systems

  • Developed using open source technologies, in line and compliant with E-Governance norms, reducing licensing costs and issues

  • Can work in standalone or networked and web based mode as well

  • Mobile based access provided to system

ADMS Upload Documents

ADMS Search Documents

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