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Our storage solutions are the ideal fit for achieving what every organization strives for accurate, quick and safe storage and retrieval of material and documents. These products are customized to customer needs in terms of space availability, product mix and environmental factors, thus ensuring our customers get what is the best for them. And with our intuitive, comprehensive software for document and inventory management, which can be integrated with various existing systems, our products offer much more than simple retrieval and storage, this is what we call “Delivering incremental value”

#1 Vertical Carousel – VStore™

This is the most modern and cost-efficient Storage and Retrieval system for today’s industry. Vertical Carousel Systems offer a number of benefits compared to conventional racking system. The most significant advantage being, it uses the complete available height for storage and yet retrieves material automatically to the operator’s hand-reach level.

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#2 LeanStore™

This system is ideal for mid-sized, mid-weight and heavy weight components varying in shape, size and weight. The system offers higher flexibility to accommodate a variety of items to be stored. The pitch between two trays can be variable, allowing storage of items with variable dimensions.

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#3 Automated Storage & Retrieval System

An Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) consists of Computer Controlled & PLC based stacker crane driven system for automatically placing & retrieving materials from defined storage locations. The ASRS is generally used in situations involving high volumes of goods storage. It allows more storage space due to high-density storage & narrower aisles. It exploits the vertical height of each Warehouse.

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#4 Heavy Duty Racks

We offer you the ultimate mobile storage system with the latest ‘Easy Glide’ technology for a noise-free, effortless and smooth operation for years together. The system offers security of stored material and proves to be very cost-effective. This system requires lesser space than conventional racking systems/cupboards.

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#5 Mobile Compactors

The basic idea here is to eliminate the floor space requirement between two fixed racks and utilise this space to accommodate more racks. Here the racks are mounted on the guiding tracks which allow forward and backward movement. This type of arrangement requires only one aisle for access and storage and retrieval of material.

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Our software solutions are the most advanced and comprehensive solutions. They have the flexibility of a custom platform and richness of features of a mature product, delivering the best of both the worlds for our customers. Our VOffice platform is a highly evolved product, allowing users to track documents, workflow, projects, sales and collaboration and communication across the organization. Plus additional modules available such as Inventory, customer service and many more, plus full customization possible.

EAS (Enterprise Automation Suite) is our flagship ERP, breaking the rigidity and complexity of conventional ERPs, while giving unmatched features and configuration to users. This, backed with the latest technology stack will ensure that our clients are eager and delighted to use EAS.

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