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This is the most modern and cost-efficient Storage and Retrieval system for today’s industry. Vertical Carousel Systems offer a number of benefits compared to conventional racking system. The most significant advantage being, it uses the complete available height for storage and yet retrieves material automatically to the operator’s hand-reach level.

Vertical Storage Carousels work on a simple Paternoster principle. The storage racks are suspended into two vertical chain loops which are electrically driven. The complete mechanisms enclosed by sheet metal cladding. Only one window is provided at an ergonomic level for easy loading and unloading of material. Further, the entire mechanism is provided by PLC controller, which facilitates material retrieval by a particular shelf number or part number. The system can also be interfaced with the central inventory management system or ERP through our state of the art software interface which also can control the entire operations of the machine. In addition, the system also provides for operations option through a PLC controller or a manual mode.

Vertical Storage Carousel Constructional Features – VStore™

  • The most modern and cost-efficient Storage and Retrieval system for today’s industry
  • Use of the complete available height for storage
  • Works on a simple Paternoster principle
  • Works on a two vertical chain loop mechanism, which is electrically driven

  • A sheet metal cladding ensures protection this assembly
  • A window is provided at ergonomic level for easy loading and unloading of material
  • Entire control using a PC based software with versions for inventory and document management, a PLC controller and an emergency manual mode
  • The system is available from 2 m to 20 m

  • Modular construction

  • Specially designed trays to suit shape, dimensions and weight of the material to be stored

  • Low noise due to well-engineered guiding mechanism using high quality bearings

  • Fast retrieval due to higher speed and shortest path logic built in

  • Low power consumption due to energy efficient motor and other components

  • More compact design compared to other equivalent systems to save floor space
  • Higher up time due to proven design and reliable manufacturing

  • Ease of interface of the bundled software with existing systems, ERP, Warehouse Management Systems


  • Advanced PLC controller with HMI for numeric display
  • Quick material retrieval using the shelf number or even the part number
  • The system rotates in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction to select the shortest possible path

  • Can be interfaced with computer and provision of RS232C serial port


The tables below are a representative matrix of Vertical Carousels based on standard sizes and load baring capacities. All our products are built to meet your specific requirements in terms of available space, the weight of products and type of products

Standard Product Matrix for Vertical Carousels – VStore™

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