The most comprehensive and simple platform which tackles the critical performance parameters for any organization with ease. A platform that takes care of all your customer data, documents, communication and operations including invoicing and payment tracking, which is accessible across devices.

Key Components

Key Value Propositions

  • Integrated, innovative platform with a wide array of modular and configurable functionality
  • Get the best of both the worlds – get the ready features of a product, with ease of configuration and customizations to meet specific client needs
  • Fast and easy deployment, no need for technical staff at client end

  • On premise, in cloud and mobile based access options
  • Developed using Open source technologies, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Easily expandable and easy to integrate with existing IT infrastructure
  • A strong support infrastructure backed by a stable & innovative company

  • Various pricing options to suit a variety of budgets

Enabling Growth through Automation !!

Through Innovation, Automation and Transformation

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