Warehouse Management System: WMS

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is our application suite for automation of storage and retrieval of materials and more efficient running of warehouse operations. Our solutions manage the entire warehouse operation cycle in a real time mode.

The system, which works in a real time mode, is based on the workflow management principle and makes the operations of the warehouse faster, more accurate and process driven. The system is a configurable application, allowing users to define storage locations, defining the mechanism of storage and retrieval and combining features of a full-fledged inventory management software along with reporting. This enables our clients to have complete control over warehouse operations, right from location tracking, inventory tracking, to ensuring that the right documentation related to storage is available online.

Our reporting module is designed to give our users a deeper insight into the status of storage as well as make decisions related to dispatch, movement or discarding of materials, as the need be.

The system integrates with bar code/RFID readers, PLC’s across internationally reputed brands and native databases to ensure a tight integration of the end to end process of warehouse operations.

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