Why Warehouse Automation will be a driver for managing inventory in 2019?

Have you ever thought how efficiently your business runs if you have software which helps you to keep an eye on inventory, shipping, returns, demand, your workforce safety and provides real-time data to spot your losses, sounds interesting, right? Warehouse management system helps you to have a positive impact on the business overall and a satisfactory relationship with your customers.

Warehousing services in the world are set to increase at a compound annual rate of about 6% for the next five years & has been attributed to global demand in the health care, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industry. To keep up with the demand, warehouse managers have been forced to come up with the different offerings that meet the needs of their clients.

There is a lot of value that can be scraped out of just overlaying a piece of advanced technology in an existing facility, and a lot of smart companies are already benefitting from that. You can add more value anytime & the end result is going to be positive, irrespective of what environment you’re operating in or what market challenges you are dealing with.

Warehouse Automation- The driving innovation in the warehouse like never before

Gone are the days of thinking that paper-based processes are enough for you. In today’s warehouse environment, automation includes all of the physical methods which bring inventory right to the order picker, so that his or her movements in the warehouse could be minimized.

Automated storage systems, integrated with core software of the organization are bridging the gap between the physical inventory and its data in the core system. Some of the most popular ones include carousels, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), vertical lifts, mini-loads, and automated material-carrying vehicles.

To those firms which are still using clipboards, spreadsheets, and obsolete manual electronic readers to track inventory, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and get up to speed with digital inventory that is powered by advanced technologies like smart glasses, robots, and drones.

Here are the top most reasons which show how warehouse automation will be a driver for managing inventory:

Hence there will be no denying fact that warehousing services play an important role in the storage and exchange of goods and 2019 will be a great year for warehousing for the number of developments that are set to change the operations of warehouses.

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